COMM 315

Promotional Ad – Reverse Engineered

Louis the gorilla ad with lines

Ad Strengths?

This ad really got my attention. The picture for one, and then when I read the headline, it was so intriguing that I had to click on it and watch the video. This ad was on Twitter and it was promoting the video about this gorilla that walks like a person. I think that the headline not being complete and using the … to make us want to know how they finish and what it has to do with the gorilla keeping his hands clean.

Ad Weaknesses?

The only weakness that I might possibly see is that it is not exactly centered on the intersection of the Rule of Thirds. (I don’t know, maybe its a grid instead?) I really don’t see that being a problem though and I really like it.

What is ad trying to accomplish with its design?

This design is trying to catch our attention and draw us in so that we will watch the video. It was obviously very successful. This looks like the Rule of Thirds to me. The image takes up approximately the left third and the text takes up the right two-thirds. The headline takes up the top third with the description taking up the middle third. I like the gorilla facing the text; it looks like he might just walk right through the text, showing us his “human-like gait.” The hierarchy works well in both size of font and color. I am attracted to the image and then the headline which is in black and larger and then down to the description which is gray and smaller.


The number of clicks to watch the video would show success. Also the number of likes and retweets would show success. This one has had 1.6K likes which sounds successful to me.



Social Video – Reverse Engineering Post

Tasty presents – “Whether you’re buying a cheap or an expensive cut of steak, it’s about how you’re cooking it that’s going to make the biggest difference.”

I’m not even a big steak enthusiast, but this got my attention. It was either this or one on making a chocolate cake. I thought I’d give you a rest from the Lakers, although I was so tempted to do a Kobe video. Some of my audience aren’t all Kobe or Lakers fans.

The strengths of this video are that it is very informative, and gives some really good information about steak in general and about different cuts of meat. The pictures make my mouth water even though I’m not usually into steak. It is narrated very well. I like how the plate in this first picture is arranged. The white plate is a nice contrast to the dark meat. The potato wedges and the salad greens provide a nice contrast and help balance out the meal, as well as the plate.

cheap vs. expensive marked

One of the weaknesses might be that on the frames that have text, the text could stand to be a little bigger and in sharper focus. Maybe the backgrounds with the solid colors could be either the same or more schematic. Most of the time the images are centered, but in the image above, it does follow the rule of thirds.

list of inexpensive steaks

I really like the butcher block cutting board that they use in the background for most of the frames. I also think that the meat on the diagonal with the juices at the bottom is more interesting than if it were just horizontal. I like the information that they provide here; it’s much more than an ordinary recipe video. For example, we learn that the juices from the meat is not blood, but myoglobin.(

not blood

This video is trying to teach us more about steak and how to cook it for optimal enjoyment. It makes me want something that I don’t usually crave, so I think it is very successful.

Learn job skills that can change your life!


El Monte-Rosemead Adult School has begun pre-registration for their vocational training courses, starting with current students on Friday, March 2nd at 8 a.m. New students may register starting on Monday, March 5th. New students are required to take an assessment prior to registration, which can be done during regular hours any time before registration. Classes will begin Monday, March 19th.

A variety of career sequences is available such as: Administrative Assistant, General Office Clerk, Accounting Clerk, Financial Clerk, Nursing Assistant, Vocational Nurse, Machinist, Medical Assistant, Medical Billing and Coding, Pharmacy Technician, Physical Therapy Aide, Building and Construction, Electrician, and School Security. A sequence must be selected at the time of registration. Many of the career sequences require pre-requisites. If you click on the link above, you can explore the sequences we offer and learn what pre-requisites there are. There is a test-out option available for the pre-requisites.

Registration fee is $20 per quarter. There is also a lab fee of $5.00 per class ($10 for Microsoft Independent Study classes) The Microsoft Independent Study courses are open entry and can actually be started at any time, however, there will be lessons offered for Word, Excel and PowerPoint that will begin at the start of the quarter and are designed to get you through the course in the 10 week quarter.

For more information, please contact us at: 626.258.5800 x8203 or email:

Article about Laker’s Rising Stars by Kevin Ding

Lakers article REP2

Since I am a Laker’s fan, but I really don’t have time to keep up with what’s going on, I take this opportunity to read a little about their news and analyze their social media article while I’m at it. As you can see above, this ad follows the rule of thirds pretty well. It is all in black and white except for the Laker logo in the very top left hand corner. So even though the Laker logo is small, it gets noticed because it is in color. The image is in black and white, but if you go to the website, the reporter, Kevin Ding has all of his news (The Point) in black and white, so it is consistent with his other news stories.

The Point with Kevin Ding

The image is definitely the focal point and both outside guys are positioned on the lines that divide it into thirds. The guy in the middle definitely gets noticed though. He has the ball, is taller and darker and has his arms all tatted up. He also has more interesting hair. He was placed in the middle for a reason. My eye then goes over to the logo and then  down to the title/caption under the image. Then I just naturally read the text underneath, then I go back up to the top and read the text on the top. It is a repeat of what is down below, and then adds something that gets my attention and causes me to click on it and read the article to find out how they manage distractions. I am continually distracted with stuff on Facebook while I’m on Facebook trying to do my homework. It was interesting to read about how easy it is for them to get distracted as they decide how they want to brand themselves as new Lakers.

Let’s talk about Kevin Ding’s logo, “The Point with Kevin Ding.” I love his logo!! I love how he used the pencil symbol as the “i” in POINT. It is very meaningful since he is a writer. He also has a point he’s trying to get across in every article. I love the alignment and the hierarchy it uses with the POINT being largest.

So the strengths are a great image with a great logo and then the use of the Laker logo makes it official. If there is a weakness, it might be that they repeat on top exactly what it says on the bottom, but I don’t know that repetition is necessarily a weakness. Then they add the sentence that got my attention and made me read the article. I think it is a very effective promotion of their article. The article actually talks about these three guys. The background is kind of a urban grunge look and there is good contrast with the white logo and the players. The metrics that would show success of their campaign would be the number of people that click to read the article. I guess there is a certain amount of success with likes, shares and comments too.

Los Angeles Lakers Slam Dunk Contest REP

laker logo

The brand’s strengths are their colors and logo. I love the purple and gold; they are great complimentary colors. Having the basketball as part of the logo is a great idea and the horizontal lines going through the letters show the motion significant of the players running up and down the court.

Laker's slam dunk contest

In this ad they use good contrast with the text color being  gold and white on the purple background. They are using the Rule of Thirds for the layout. There is a texture of some kind in the background which also provides motion leading you across the page or (court?). The gold posts on each end seem to represent the goal on each end and gives a nice finished look on each side. I like the various rotations and positions of the “slam dunk” lettering that adds interest and is a good reason to break the rules of alignment. The lightning bolts around the dunk also adds to the hierarchy of the message. Even the text above and below the ad has hierarchy with the text at the bottom larger saying what it is but the smaller text above giving more detail and the “call to action” for where you are supposed to go for more details. I think this is effective although the text below does repeat what is in the graphic. I think the red check mark also adds a pop of color to draw attention to Verizon as the sponsoring company. The hierarchy in lettering is interesting and effective. “FAN SLAM DUNK” is the focus with thicker letters and all caps; then there is extra emphasis on “SLAM DUNK” because it is in motion with various rotations and positions.”  My eye is not sure where to go next though, the thinness of the lines for ONLINE CONTEST get my attention because of the thinness and looseness of the tracking, but VERIZON also gets my attention because of the thickness and close tracking of the letters; maybe that is a possible weakness. I like that the ONLINE CONTEST aligns with the “FAN SLAM DUNK” above.

Laker's slam dunk contest marked up

The purpose of this ad is to generate interest in having people sign-up for the slam dunk contest. The metrics to determine if the brand is successful would be how many people click on the link and sign-up for the contest. I think shares, likes, and comments would also show degree of success, but not as much as clicks on the link to sign-up, as I’m sure many would like it, but not necessarily want to participate in the contest.

Personal Manifesto

“Life is all about how you handle Plan B.”

This assignment has caused some anxiety and trepidation. As I have read many of my classmate’s blog posts, I try to remember what I felt like when I was their age. After one brief semester at BYU (Provo), I quit school, got married, moved to Southern California and got a job to support my husband through school. I became a secretary for a senior citizens’ center. I only took typing (on typewriters) in my senior year of high school because my mother pretty much insisted. When I told her that I didn’t know if I would have time in my schedule because I was taking all “college prep” courses, she said that I would need typing skills for college. Business/secretarial courses had not interest me at all, but I didn’t really know what I wanted to study. I wondered about being a Math or PE teacher (mostly because I really liked my math teachers and PE teacher).

I worked as a secretary for 7 years and quit when my second child was born. I actually really liked that job. My husband never finished college back then though, my first daughter got meningitis when she was six months old. We only had one car and he was taking the bus to work and then to school, which were 20 miles or so east of us. My daughter was hospitalized in Hollywood (about 20 miles northwest of us) at the Childrens’ Hospital there and riding the bus out there to meet us after school was a nightmare, so he dropped out of school. 36 years later, we heard about Pathways and we both enrolled. My husband graduated a year ago last December and I’m getting close. I keep saying that they hadn’t invented what I want to do yet back then.

I got a designated subjects vocational teaching credential in 1996 and have been teaching computer classes to adults since then. I think I am rather good at teaching and I’m always learning something new to benefit my students.  After being home with my children (4) for several years, my husband got laid off and I knew I needed to go back to school to update my skills (computer instead of typewriter). I have taught at the school where I went to take classes now for over 20 years. I have taught all the Microsoft Office programs as well as Adobe Photoshop, Illlustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver as well as some HTML5 and CSS and a few others. I decided to major in Web Design so I could enhance what I was already teaching and then we got a new principal and she has since discontinued our web design program.

I have learned to be adaptable to plan B. I have really enjoyed my career, but most importantly have found that my passion is helping my students learn skills that will help them improve their lives. I feel like my career path was inspired and that I was lead to the opportunities that I have had. I never had a plan to become an “adult education teacher” when I went to college the first time. Things just fell into place. I will probably teach for 5-7 more years before I retire. I may decide to try and teach part-time at one of the community colleges in the area after I get my bachelor’s degree.

me plus sevenMy five children are all adults now and so they don’t need me much, but once and awhile I am still able to assist them in some way. I am looking forward to spending more time with my grandchildren. I hope to volunteer in a local “Burrito Project” for the homeless. I also would like to get involved with making dresses for girls in Africa. I have also thought about possibly going on a mission with my husband. We would like to travel a bit.

As far as my social media presence, I use Facebook quite a bit to keep in touch with family and friends, share an occasional recipe and I also like to share uplifting stories and a joke once in awhile. I also plan to clean out closets, cupboards and drawers once I finish school and/or retire. Teaching 40 hrs/week and going to school has taken its toll on my house. We also plan to do some other fixing up projects around the house.

Zupas Facebook Campaign

brandZupas is one of my favorite places to go eat lunch when I am in Utah. They have fabulous soups, sandwiches and salads.

Their main objective on their Facebook campaign is to promote their business which is a cafe that prides itself on healthy, fresh, made-from-scratch soups, salads, sandwiches, and decadent desserts. I think the presentation principle is a major key when someone is trying to promote food. These pictures display that principle quite well. They are presented in a way that causes me to want to go there (right now actually).

They use red, black and white for their brand colors and their logo. These colors are used in their red bowls and the black and white background of the salad picture. They also do catering and below you can see a picture of their truck with the same branding colors.

catering truck

I think they also observe human behavior and determine that there is a need for healthy choices in our eating.

This may be stretching it a bit, but I think that they also use the progress principle because they have really improved salads to where people crave the kind of salads that they make. I for one, could eat a salad there every day because of the variety and appeal that they alone have, not to mention their delicious soups and sandwiches.

There is also the expectation principle. As seen in the following pictures, there is an expectation of Zupas being a a good place to enjoy the friendship of others, as well as a good place to work. When I go there I expect to have a good time and enjoy my food. The first time I went there, I ordered a salad/soup combo, but was pleasantly surprised to also get a chocolate covered strawberry, more than I expected.