Social Video – Reverse Engineering Post

Tasty presents – “Whether you’re buying a cheap or an expensive cut of steak, it’s about how you’re cooking it that’s going to make the biggest difference.”

I’m not even a big steak enthusiast, but this got my attention. It was either this or one on making a chocolate cake. I thought I’d give you a rest from the Lakers, although I was so tempted to do a Kobe video. Some of my audience aren’t all Kobe or Lakers fans.

The strengths of this video are that it is very informative, and gives some really good information about steak in general and about different cuts of meat. The pictures make my mouth water even though I’m not usually into steak. It is narrated very well. I like how the plate in this first picture is arranged. The white plate is a nice contrast to the dark meat. The potato wedges and the salad greens provide a nice contrast and help balance out the meal, as well as the plate.

cheap vs. expensive marked

One of the weaknesses might be that on the frames that have text, the text could stand to be a little bigger and in sharper focus. Maybe the backgrounds with the solid colors could be either the same or more schematic. Most of the time the images are centered, but in the image above, it does follow the rule of thirds.

list of inexpensive steaks

I really like the butcher block cutting board that they use in the background for most of the frames. I also think that the meat on the diagonal with the juices at the bottom is more interesting than if it were just horizontal. I like the information that they provide here; it’s much more than an ordinary recipe video. For example, we learn that the juices from the meat is not blood, but myoglobin.(

not blood

This video is trying to teach us more about steak and how to cook it for optimal enjoyment. It makes me want something that I don’t usually crave, so I think it is very successful.


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