Article about Laker’s Rising Stars by Kevin Ding

Lakers article REP2

Since I am a Laker’s fan, but I really don’t have time to keep up with what’s going on, I take this opportunity to read a little about their news and analyze their social media article while I’m at it. As you can see above, this ad follows the rule of thirds pretty well. It is all in black and white except for the Laker logo in the very top left hand corner. So even though the Laker logo is small, it gets noticed because it is in color. The image is in black and white, but if you go to the website, the reporter, Kevin Ding has all of his news (The Point) in black and white, so it is consistent with his other news stories.

The Point with Kevin Ding

The image is definitely the focal point and both outside guys are positioned on the lines that divide it into thirds. The guy in the middle definitely gets noticed though. He has the ball, is taller and darker and has his arms all tatted up. He also has more interesting hair. He was placed in the middle for a reason. My eye then goes over to the logo and then  down to the title/caption under the image. Then I just naturally read the text underneath, then I go back up to the top and read the text on the top. It is a repeat of what is down below, and then adds something that gets my attention and causes me to click on it and read the article to find out how they manage distractions. I am continually distracted with stuff on Facebook while I’m on Facebook trying to do my homework. It was interesting to read about how easy it is for them to get distracted as they decide how they want to brand themselves as new Lakers.

Let’s talk about Kevin Ding’s logo, “The Point with Kevin Ding.” I love his logo!! I love how he used the pencil symbol as the “i” in POINT. It is very meaningful since he is a writer. He also has a point he’s trying to get across in every article. I love the alignment and the hierarchy it uses with the POINT being largest.

So the strengths are a great image with a great logo and then the use of the Laker logo makes it official. If there is a weakness, it might be that they repeat on top exactly what it says on the bottom, but I don’t know that repetition is necessarily a weakness. Then they add the sentence that got my attention and made me read the article. I think it is a very effective promotion of their article. The article actually talks about these three guys. The background is kind of a urban grunge look and there is good contrast with the white logo and the players. The metrics that would show success of their campaign would be the number of people that click to read the article. I guess there is a certain amount of success with likes, shares and comments too.


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