Los Angeles Lakers Slam Dunk Contest REP

laker logo

The brand’s strengths are their colors and logo. I love the purple and gold; they are great complimentary colors. Having the basketball as part of the logo is a great idea and the horizontal lines going through the letters show the motion significant of the players running up and down the court.

Laker's slam dunk contest

In this ad they use good contrast with the text color being  gold and white on the purple background. They are using the Rule of Thirds for the layout. There is a texture of some kind in the background which also provides motion leading you across the page or (court?). The gold posts on each end seem to represent the goal on each end and gives a nice finished look on each side. I like the various rotations and positions of the “slam dunk” lettering that adds interest and is a good reason to break the rules of alignment. The lightning bolts around the dunk also adds to the hierarchy of the message. Even the text above and below the ad has hierarchy with the text at the bottom larger saying what it is but the smaller text above giving more detail and the “call to action” for where you are supposed to go for more details. I think this is effective although the text below does repeat what is in the graphic. I think the red check mark also adds a pop of color to draw attention to Verizon as the sponsoring company. The hierarchy in lettering is interesting and effective. “FAN SLAM DUNK” is the focus with thicker letters and all caps; then there is extra emphasis on “SLAM DUNK” because it is in motion with various rotations and positions.”  My eye is not sure where to go next though, the thinness of the lines for ONLINE CONTEST get my attention because of the thinness and looseness of the tracking, but VERIZON also gets my attention because of the thickness and close tracking of the letters; maybe that is a possible weakness. I like that the ONLINE CONTEST aligns with the “FAN SLAM DUNK” above.

Laker's slam dunk contest marked up

The purpose of this ad is to generate interest in having people sign-up for the slam dunk contest. The metrics to determine if the brand is successful would be how many people click on the link and sign-up for the contest. I think shares, likes, and comments would also show degree of success, but not as much as clicks on the link to sign-up, as I’m sure many would like it, but not necessarily want to participate in the contest.


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