Porto’s Facebook Post – Reverse Engineered

Today as I was mulling over what company I should review this week, I thought of Porto’s, a very popular bakery/cafe in the Los Angeles area. I went to their Facebook page, and wala, they just happened to have their ground-breaking today in a neighboring city. So the main purpose of the ad is to inform people that their project has begun and to look forward to updates and upcoming employment opportunities.

Porto's groundbreaking

I am very excited about this!! Every time my sister would travel down here for business, she always wanted to go to Porto’s and I would love to meet her there, but it was a bit of a drive. I didn’t usually go there for that reason, unless it was to meet her. She provided a second fabulous reason.

I think this ad is very successful and accomplishes its purpose. It makes its announcement and basically says to stay tuned for further updates. I have already invited friends and family that I know like Porto’s to like this post. If you read through some of the comments, you can clearly see that this ad generates excitement. One person is already planning to go there for their birthday. This post was made today and as you can see it already has 1,876 shares and 2,274 comments. This has happened in the last ten hours. With that kind of response, I really don’t see any weaknesses here. I like the fact, that the photo displays women with hard hats and shovels too.

This is already in my Newsfeed because I liked there post about the ground-breaking:

Porto's ABC7

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