Lesson 13 – Ranking and Link Building and Google Analytics

Our first project was to try and come up with a link-building strategy. I used “dads in the kitchen” as keywords in Google to search for other similar websites and then I looked at a few. I could see that they might be interested in some of the products that we sponsor. I also found that the Food Network had highlighted a segment on men in the kitchen. I went to their contact page and was bold enough to fill out their form and submit it, asking if they would consider linking to my site. I may contact some of the other sites and see if they would consider linking to my site. Last week I thought that we could all just ask each other in our class and link to each other’s websites, but I guess the sites should be related in some way, not just any random site.

Our second project was using Google Analytics to determine where most of our traffic is coming from. When I went to the locations page I had links to US and Canada with the US having a little over half of the traffic so I clicked on US. Then it told me that California was the state with the highest amount of traffic and then Florida so I reported on my assignment as such. Then last night in order to answer the discussion board questions I went in again and this time I decided to click on Canada and found out that Ontario actually had more traffic than California, then California and then British Columbia. I thought that was interesting. I also thought that the demographics were interesting, especially gender, since my website is Daddy Does the Cooking. I found out that just over half of my audience are men. My bounce rate is high though so I need to work on that.

As far as Project #5 goes, my Woorank score was 49, which I think is pretty good. Some of the things that it wanted me to correct are to add a meta description, create a robots.txt file, and an XML sitemap, create a custom 404 page, decrease the load time and work on keyword consistency.

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