Lesson 9 – Google Adwords Campaign

This week was eventful. On Monday we had an assignment that I couldn’t do for two reasons. My Adwords Campaign wasn’t setup right and I kind of freaked out because I couldn’t follow the basic directions and I thought something was due. It turns out that Google Adwords had changed since the last class and the assignment wouldn’t work unless you were running your campaign. But, I did not have a Keywords tab like I was supposed to. On Tuesday, I called Google for some support. It turns out that mine wouldn’t work because I had created an image ad. For the way we are doing Adwords, we need to have text ads for it to work. The man that gave me tech support from Google was very helpful. He walked me through how to create a new campaign. I felt a lot better. We did our usual discussion boards. Since the relevance and quality scores wouldn’t work in Adwords, we discussed how to improve a text ad about property for sale in Rigby, Idaho.

On Wednesday we had to install Google Analytics and link it to Adwords. That went pretty smoothly. Our second discussion board was about how Google Analytics can help you with your business. It tracks who comes to your site, how long they stay etc. You know if they don’t stay long, you need to beef up your content etc. The donations for the American Cancer Society rose 5.4% due to help from Google Analytics.

Tonight I added a few more keywords and another ad to my campaign. I think it is ready to launch on Monday. I took my screen shots and pasted them into a Word Document – already to submit!!


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