Month: March 2017

Lesson 12 – Social Media and Social Networking

The beginning of the week we were asked to make social media goals. Most of us said that we wanted to create a Facebook business page and link it to our site. We did that and shared it with our friends. We have also added more blog posts. We also said that we wanted to create Twitter and Pinterest accounts and possibly an Instagram account. I need to learn more about using those.

On Thursday we were supposed to post creative ways of using Social media. I felt that we should all share our Facebook links with each other so we could like and share Facebook pages with our classmates etc. Only one person read my post though; so much for that good idea. He did like my page though and I did like his. He cleans carpets and wood floors in Utah near where my daughters live, so I shared his page with them. One of my daughters has already said thanks and that she needs her carpets cleaned. I decided to post in on the Class Questions discussion board though so that maybe I can get more response from others that are not in my group. I think social media will be a great way to get interest. We may have to pay some though. I just wanted to see how it would go without paying for advertising first. I also thought that I might share my Facebook page on the WDD Facebook group and ask for suggestions on how we might improve things.

It was kind of sad to see my Adwords Campaign end. I still had about thirty dollars left in there so I decided to start it up again and run it for five more days to use that money up. I’m still hoping to recoup my investment of $25.00.

Lesson 11 – Landing Page Optimization and Search Engine Optimization

The first assignment this week was to optimize our landing page. The main thing was to make sure that everything that you mentioned in your ad is on your landing page. So rather than landing on the homepage, you should land on whatever page has the information on it that you are advertising. We analyzed an ad ¬†and landing page about running shoes and found some discrepancies. The main one was whether the free shipping was two or three days. The website said three with a $60 minimum order, whereas, the ad said two day free shipping. It also said that it was a site created by runners for runners, but I didn’t see any evidence of that. I would have liked to have seen blog posts from the owners of the site telling about their experiences with the various brands of running shoes.

The second assignment was on Search Engine Optimization. I did some research and found some good information. I also found out that Google changes their algorithms for how they rank websites so it’s important to keep up with current changes. This is a summary of the information that I found: (my blog post)

According to Search Engine Journal (, the most important things for optimizing your site for search engines are:

  1. high-quality, relevant, comprehensive content in natural language,
  2. backlinks,
  3. mobile-first user experience (don’t launch mobile site until it’s finished),
  4. other technical factors (encryption, H1 and H2 headings, anchor text, interstitials – Google is “cracking down on intrusive interstitial pop-ups”)
    • “Switch to HTTPS encryption,
    • Make use of H2 headings, especially if top URLs in your niche don’t,
    • Ensure that your anchor text is diverse and semantically relevant,
    • Remove all intrusive interstitials from your mobile website.”

This site didn’t mention it, but Google is telling me that a site map is also good so that Google understands how to “crawl the site.”

Lesson 10 – Setting up and Tracking Conversions and Optimizing Ad Performance

The first thing we did was to set up a conversion on one of our pages somewhere. I really wanted to put my conversion on a button to my affiliate site, but we weren’t able to get that figured out. I ended up putting it on the blog page because the affiliate links are at the bottom. The thing is that my landing page for my ads is also that same page so when somebody clicks on my ads it will automatically be a conversion. I guess it will tell us which clicks are coming from the ad and which clicks we might be doing ourselves. What is really cool is that Amazon keeps track of our conversions on its site. My campaign started on Monday, March 6th. I didn’t see anything when I came home on Monday, but Tuesday was pretty exciting to see that I had a number of impressions and 9 clicks on Monday, 15 clicks on Tuesday, 13 clicks on Wednesday and 16 clicks on Thursday. On Wednesday, I found out that I have had 4 sales from three clicks to Amazon. So far I’ve gotten 55,542 impressions through Thursday anyway.

After two days, we were supposed to evaluate the effectiveness of our keywords and ads and delete, pause, add or modify our keywords, in other words, optimize them. I paused three keywords that weren’t generating any clicks and only had a few impressions. I’m not really sure if we should keep them as long as they are generating some impressions or not. Or, should we just focus on the clicks. We were also supposed to do the same thing with our ads. One ad is definitely out performing the other. It has more keywords in it than the other one. I decided to try to add some keywords about men cooking and men in the kitchen to help that ad a bit. I also added quite a few more keywords relating to the multi-cooker. It’s been an interesting week.

Lesson 9 – Google Adwords Campaign

This week was eventful. On Monday we had an assignment that I couldn’t do for two reasons. My Adwords Campaign wasn’t setup right and I kind of freaked out because I couldn’t follow the basic directions and I thought something was due. It turns out that Google Adwords had changed since the last class and the assignment wouldn’t work unless you were running your campaign. But, I did not have a Keywords tab like I was supposed to. On Tuesday, I called Google for some support. It turns out that mine wouldn’t work because I had created an image ad. For the way we are doing Adwords, we need to have text ads for it to work. The man that gave me tech support from Google was very helpful. He walked me through how to create a new campaign. I felt a lot better. We did our usual discussion boards. Since the relevance and quality scores wouldn’t work in Adwords, we discussed how to improve a text ad about property for sale in Rigby, Idaho.

On Wednesday we had to install Google Analytics and link it to Adwords. That went pretty smoothly. Our second discussion board was about how Google Analytics can help you with your business. It tracks who comes to your site, how long they stay etc. You know if they don’t stay long, you need to beef up your content etc. The donations for the American Cancer Society rose 5.4% due to help from Google Analytics.

Tonight I added a few more keywords and another ad to my campaign. I think it is ready to launch on Monday. I took my screen shots and pasted them into a Word Document – already to submit!!