Lesson 8 – Creating a Google text Ad

Kitchen Power Tools
Using your Fagor Multi-cooker like a boss

This was the ad that I created for this week. I posted in on the discussion board and only got one response. This was frustrating for me because I felt that I gave some good feedback, but got very little in return. It was a good response though, in fact, just the response that I wanted. I just wish that more of the class would have looked at it and responded. We learned that we should highlight what makes you unique, free shipping? dazzling variety?; include prices, promotions, and exclusives; empower customers to take action; include at least one of your keywords, match your ad to your landing page, and appeal to customers on mobile.

On another website, it says that we need to target the right audience. I hope I was doing that with the line: “using your Fagor Multi-cooker like a boss.” It also said to refine our keywords using square brackets around our keywords. It said to test multiple ads simultaneously, track the return-on-investment of each ad, include targeted keywords in our ad, sell the benefits, include attention grabbing words in our ads, use words that provoke emotion and enthusiasm, see your Unique selling proposition, link to relevant landing pages, remove common words, and deter freebie hunters by including the price at the end of the ad.

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