Lesson 7 – Adwords Campaign and Choosing Keywords

This week we set up our adwords campaign. I found this rather difficult to do. It was not very straightforward and did not work for me like the video. I still don’t know if I did it right or not. When I put in my billing information it automatically started the campaign and I had to figure out out to stop it (pause).  It seemed like most of the discussion revolved around whether or not to have automatic bidding or manual bidding. Most of us felt that we did not understand it well enough to do the manual bidding; hopefully, Google will know better. I wish we would have had better instruction on this.

Our second activity was to choose keywords. We had to choose a list of at least 20 keywords and they had to be grouped into a theme. Then our discussion was about what constituted a good keyword. We discussed that they should be specific, but maybe not too specific. We also learned about negative keywords that would filter out things that we didn’t want to come up in our search. We talked about yoga pants and when I googled “yoga pants” I got blogs as well as pictures of girls in yoga pants. Not sure how to eliminate them though. It was a meaningful discussion.


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