P9 – My Portfolio

  1. Project Corrections / Time spent:
    Brochure – 45 minutes  I changed the photograph on the inside to bleed on the left edge as well as the wave image above that photo. I worked a lot with typography on the inside story. I shortened it and made adjustments so that it would not overlap the fold. I also added color names to the color scheme list.
    Photo Ad – 20 minutes  I reworked the typography
    Web page – 15 minutes  I changed the width of the page and changed the alignment of the footer to align with the web page title.
    Event Ad – 20 minutes  I took off the reflection of the title text and listed the beneficiary of the fund raiser.
    Stationary; Business card – 20 minutes  I reworked the typography; changed the font and made it a little bigger
    Montage – 10 minutes  I changed alignment on the typography
  2. Message:
    I hope that this reflects my hard work and perseverance as I strive for excellence to display my work in a professional manner.
  3. Audience:
    Family, friends, students, collegues (Maybe a potential employer; I have a job, but you never know…)
  4. Top Thing Learned:
    I have learned to design things, elements of good design; mostly confidence in my ability to design
  5. Future application of Visual Media:
    Since I am a teacher already, my main focus was to increase my knowledge and skills and learn things that I can pass on to my students.
  6. Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic; red
  7. Title Font Name & Category: Modern/Decorative; Monotype Corsiva
  8. Copy Font Name & Category: Sans serif; Gadugi
  9. Thumbnails of Images used:
    Susan-Wall-InDesign-Flier SusanWall-P5Logos P6SusanWallrevised revised business card eventadrevised webpagecapture revisedPhotoShop flyer fundraiser revised-page-001FeliciaandJonathonrevisedCatalina Brochurewith bleedsand new picture32Catalina Brochurewith bleedsand new picture3
  10. Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site):
    None of my images came from the internet.




  1. I really enjoy how the black of your title matches the black in the background. I also enjoy how the black shape leads you through the portfolio, it’s like it’s pointing to the next page showing what that page was describing. Good work! This is my portfolio!

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