P8 Brochure Project

Front Panel


inside flap


back panel


 Page 2 (Inside)

page 2 brochure


  1. Description: This is a brochure promoting fun activities on Catalina Island by sharing a little of my experience, specifically riding Segways and parasailing.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I decided to create a brochure promoting fun activities on Catalina Island. I had just been there with my sister and I had some great photos to work with. It would be a brochure that I would really enjoy working on. With that message in mind, I opened up Illustrator and began working on the logo. I created waves and a sun, two prominent elements of our fun day. Then I began designing the brochure in InDesign. I initially used a picture showing a larger sail on the front panel, but the sail was too large for moving it out and sizing larger for the bleed; it would have cut off the top and side of the sail (maybe that would have been okay?) I like the picture that I have now though because it shows the white wake of the water which curves around and down to the brochure title, “Catalina Fun” which creates a nice flow. On the inside of my brochure, I originally had the text on the left side, but it was right next to the Segway panel of text and the tutor pointed out that it was too much text all together, so I redesigned the inside and flipped the image horizontally and put it on the left. I created a “white wave” to separate the picture and the text block which I put on the right side. I decided to edit one of the photos in Photoshop and remove the background so that I could use the sail portion and wrap text around it. I originally put it in the top-middle of the parasailing text block. Most of my critiquers did not like it. During the re-design, I decided to put it in the upper right corner of my parasiling text block, so text only wraps around the left side of it. I think that looks better. I played with my alignment and typography a lot. The tutor told me that my bullets should be aligned with the picture and the heading (I thought that bullets were usually indented?) He also told me that I should align the brochure title/wave combination more to the left so that it was not centered, creating better flow with the wake of the water. It was challenging getting the text to look good in the parasailing text block. I decided to use full alignment so it would look nicely on the right hand side, as well as flow along the wave shape on the left. I normally don’t like full alignment, but I really worked this one and hopefully, it is acceptable. This was more challenging than I thought it would be.
  3. Message: Having fun on Catalina
  4. Audience: Anyone that would like a fun outdoor experience
  5. Top Thing Learned: Designing for a brochure is different especially when considering “flow.” After meeting with the tutor, I had to change a lot of my design. I also learned to really work on typography. I also took the challenge of trying to create a “wave” shape on the left side of my box and insert the text into it. (I’m not sure how successful it was.)
  6. Color scheme and color names:
  7. Title Font Name & Category: Broadway; Modern/Decorative
  8. Copy Font Name & Category: Book Antiqua;  Old Style
  9. Word Count of copy: 417 (including headings and body copy)
  10. Thumbnails of Images used:   
  11.   parasail IMG_2303 IMG_2287 IMG_0281IMG_0279
  12. Sources (Links to images on original websites):  these are photos taken by the crew member on the boat from Island Water Charters (www.islandwatercharters.com/parasailing.htm) (my sister bought the photo package and so we have the SD card) The picture of my sister and I on the segways was taken by the guy that took us on our segway tour, using my iPhone, so I got that picture from my phone.

Embedded video: 


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