P3 Photodesign Project

  • Description: This is a flyer showing the photography of this plant and using it in a flyer for a Botany Club meeting.
  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): The pictures were shot with my father-in-laws Panasonic Lumix FMZ100 camera. I had never used this camera before, or anything more than a “point and shoot”. So, even though I good light shooting these pictures, I felt like I was “shooting in the dark.” My husband went with me and showed me how to use the metering to focus on foreground objects and background. I got some very interesting pictures of light coming through clouds and such, but I was really intrigued with this plant and decided I wanted to use it in my project. I used the colors in the photo (analogous: yellow, lime,green); I find that God is the Master at color schemes. I used Photoshop and adjusted levels, vibrance and sharpness to make it really pop. I decided to use rectangles in the color scheme colors (muted a little). I felt like the yellow around the picture would really bring out the yellow in the flowers. I decided to center the title over the plant rather than all the way to the left. I decided not to put the borders all the way around the picture to use asymmetry. (most the people I asked liked it that way). To balance it out, I put the date and time right-aligned at the bottom and then the place is wrapped around the corner going up the side. I tried a lot of san serif fonts and other sizes etc. but I didn’t like any of them so I stayed with what I have here. Because I couldn’t find other fonts that I liked better, I decided to add a yellow stroke on the title text to add contrast and draw more attention to the title text. I really liked how it turned out.
  • Message: This flyer is designed to excite Botany Club members about the next meeting about Exotic Plants.
  • Audience: Plant enthusiasts (Botany Club members), adults
  • Top Thing Learned: I’ve never done any “photography” except “point and shoot” so I learned how use metering and focus in on an object. I really enjoyed learning about this and I would love to learn more about how to really use a camera.
  • Color scheme and color names: Analogous; Yellow, Lime, Green
  • Title Font Name & Category: Nyala; serif
  • Copy Font Name & Category: Nyala; serif (I tried some san serif fonts, but I didn’t like the way they looked)
  • Thumbnail of original, unedited image inserted: 


  • Date and location you took the photo(s) Photos were taken Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at Peck Road Park, El Monte, CA.

My video: https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=ZvtqAmiDVtI



  1. Your picture is gorgeous! I really felt like you did a good job darkening the background to bring out the brightness of the plant. You really did a good job pulling it out. I also really liked what you did with your title. I felt like it really brought it out without making it overshadow your picture. Your fonts were also really elegant and they flowed nicely with your picture. The only thing I might recommend is maybe using lighter coloring so that your eyes are more drawn into the picture rather than the colors around it. I really enjoyed your picture though. It was fantastic!


  2. Susan, your project really caught my eye. The color scheme was really vibrant. I like your alignment and balance. I would never have thought of doing it that way. I like how you put the important titles and text horizontal, and the lesser information vertical. The placement gives it hierarchy. Great job!

    I really like how you included your color scheme. I had trouble including mine.
    Here is a link to my project: http://lornabrown.wordpress.com/2014/05/25/p3-photodesign/

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