Project 1 Flier (Flyer?)



This is a black and white flyer to promote a leadership conference for college
graduating seniors.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

I drew sketches and then I created them in InDesign. I actually did all four in InDesign. I had a hard time selecting which one to finalize and post here. About half of the people I asked liked the other one better, but two of the three that I had critique liked this one best. I used
contrast for the focal point and hierarchy. The white text on black catches the attention as well as using very large type for Leadership. The second in importance was gray/black so the movement in this piece went from the left, then to the top where the image was and then down the page on the right side with the “call to action” towards the bottom where they will remember the “where” and “when” and how to register. My white space is grouped and it gives my eyes a rest between the heavy white text on black and the rest of the text. I also used repetition to include a second gray box behind the date, time and place which I feel helped to unify the piece.


I emphasized this word because that’s what the conference is about. I was afraid if I
emphasized Graduate, that students would think it was about graduation and possibly not go closer to read the rest, especially if they already thought they knew the details of graduation. I’m actually okay if it attracts the attention of those that aren’t graduating seniors, that way they notice what it is and know that they have something that they can look forward to when they are seniors, that will help them develop leadership qualities.


This conference is for graduating seniors, ages 22+, but it doesn’t hurt for others to know it is being offered. (As this class is being taught online, worldwide, I felt that the image be a little more representative of cultural diversity.)

Top Thing Learned:

I think the thing that I learned the most here is the value of white space and contrast. I used the contrast for hierarchy purposes and the white space really added to the element of
contrast on the page. (This piece was the first one that I made and I gained some confidence in my design and layout ability.)

Title Font Name & Category:

Helvetica – Sans serif

Copy Font Name & Category:

Helvetica – Sans serif

Links to images used in this project:




This is the link to the video showing that I printed my project on quality paper in grayscale:



Since this is my blog, I wanted to also post the other flyer that half of the people I asked liked best: (I would actually appreciate feedback on this one too.)

Graduate Leadership Conference3a


  1. In both of your fliers, I really like how you emphasize the word leadership. I wish I had done this! The event is for graduates, but really, the main point of the whole event is for them to learn leadership skills. You did an excellent job of communicating the message. In the second flier, I like the repetition of the diamond and line at the top and bottom. The placement also adds some asymmetrical balance. I also like how you put a grey box behind the most important information on the flier to make it stand out. Great work! In your first flier, I really like the contrast in your title with the white text on a black background. I think the white space looks a little strange the way it’s placed though – almost like there was meant to be an image there but it didn’t load. Overall, you did an awesome job on both fliers. Your second one is my personal favorite 🙂

    Rob also did a great job. Here’s a link to his project:

    And here’s a link to mine:

  2. Hi,

    At first I thought I liked the top flier best, but I think I do like the bottom one better. It seems a little more professional with the diamonds and the lines. What I do like better about the top one is that you have a nice rectangle of white space. The bottom one has white space, but is not grouped as much as the top one. I like the sizing of everything on the bottom one as well.

    Here is a link to my blog post.

  3. Susan,

    I actually liked your second choice even better than your first. I felt that the second one had really good balance and the picture seemed a bit more natural. I personally also liked how you used all lower case in the title on the second one. I do like how the title in the first is on the edge and the graduate and conference are balanced nicely above and below leadership which does grab your attention. I do think both are really successful the only thing the really throws me off with the first is the veyr close up picture mostly because of the actual picture I think it’s a little awkward how she is so smiley and the guy is very stern looking. But that is mostly personal preference and reflects more on the picture than on your design.

    Feel free to comment on my flier!

  4. Great job on both of your designs. They are both clean and well organized. I loved the repetition of the rectangle elements in your first design and the bold use of white space. The second design had a lot of visual interest with the horizontal alignment and I really liked the pop of the diamond too!

    Another class blog that you might want to visit is:

  5. Posting again with a link!!
    Overall I really like your results for the project. I think you can to you’ve come up with some kind of understanding of inDesign. The balance on your piece is there and well deservingly you’ve achieved a pretty good look. I like the second one you’ve shown a little better. it has the balance I spoke of and it actually have better use of white space. In the first flyer you kind of trapped your white space and it was in a somewhat mundane vertical line. I like them both though!

  6. Wait a minute, you did 2 or is one of them your rough draft? They are both nice. I like how you set apart the DTP and subheading with a gray shading to draw attention. Not sure which one I like better though. They both have good things to promote them. your second one though seems like it is more spaced without using much white space (if that makes sense) so the 1st one had better white space. If you want, you can check out mine at

    1. No, I just digitized all four of my sketches. I really liked both of these and about half of the people I asked liked one and the other half liked the other so I was really torn. Two of the people that did the critique liked the first one the best so I used that one. I’m still not sure which one I like best.

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